About Us

Palmsprings Solutions Ltd in the UK is an organisation that is dedicated to the

 delivery of 'value for money' on behalf of Customers on a wide range of business

 services and information products, geared to your  satisfaction and beyond.

We strive for our customers ongoing success and we're here to give you full  support

for your products and services requirements.


Our Services represent 'quality at the right price' for your business

success and other lifestyle necessities.  We therefore work closely with our suppliers and partner

groups in ensuring customer services and satisfaction for you time after time.


About the Management at Palmsprings Solutions Ltd - UK

The Management team members at Palmsprings Solutions have worked and trained

personnel within various sectors, including the Construction sector for over 30 years

with a vast experience in Strategic Planning, Business Development, Personal Development

 and determination for the Success of our Customers. This also covers

Infrastructure and Property Management Sectors, Emergency and Business Continuity Planning

and other Specific Targeted Services.

Key Board Members have held various Principal and Senior Management positions

within Large and Government Authorities, Multidisciplinary organisations with complex

projects and delivery strategies, including Westminster's Flagship City Council in the

UK. They have consistently delivered quality and value for money on behalf of Clients

and Customers.

The members are Qualified and Construction Cost Management Professionals, Certified

 NLP Practitioners and Personal Development Trainers.


We have a keen interest in health and fitness for business and lifestyle. We have combined

years of experience and customer care initiatives to create on demand services and

products for you -"Our Customers" to enjoy and grow in your success, believing firmly

in balanced work based lifestyle solutions.

We've helped many people experience freedom by applying simple lifestyle solutions

to business and personal issues. As part of Palmsprings solutions "Fitness for life is

Fitness for Business" Holistic Wellness solutions is also part of what we encourage

to help boost team productivity.

You can contact us as follows:

Administrative Head Office:

Palmsprings Solutions Ltd
196 High Road
Wood Green
N22 8HH
United Kingdom

Central Customer Support : -

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